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Townies is a feature film about Jake Slate, a pizza delivery boy and seven year college student has come to a crossroads in his life. Down one path lies the same friends, the same parties, and the same feelings of inadequacy. Down the other, a promising internship with a Fortune 500 company, a desk, a 401K plan, and a corporate handbook. In the end, does true happiness come from having what you want, or from wanting what you have?

Neo-Pangea presents "Townies" starring Tim Bensch, Rebecca Kimball, Ernest Waddell, Nakia Dillard, Jonah Spear, John D'Alonzo, Chuck Csaszar, and Marc Solomon. A film by Brett Bagenstose, John Carmello, Gordon Holmes, & Robert Trate. Written & Directed by Brett Bagenstose.

"Poignant and touching" - 
Michael Spitalieri ( : 
"Townies will surely entertain" - 
Julie Gerstein (Philadelphia Weekly) : 

"A last, it's this generation's Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Outstanding" - 
Dave Hollander (Festival Director, Arlene's Grocery Picture Show) : 

"Absurd to the point where you have to laugh... ...a comedy about life choices" - 
Christopher Nall (
BEST FEATURE! - Zoinks! Film Festival 2004 :
BEST SOUNDTRACK! - Arlene's Grocery Picture Show 2005 :
AWARD of EXCELLENCE! (comedy) - Berkley Video & Film Festival 2004 :